Hypocrisy of environmental crusaders

In the ongoing debate over the banning of native timber harvesting, voices like Adam Bandt, leader of the Australian Greens, and celebrity activist Leonardo DiCaprio often take center stage, championing environmental causes and preaching about the urgency of protecting our planet. However, their lofty rhetoric is tainted by a glaring hypocrisy – their own extravagant lifestyles, characterized by emissions-heavy habits that directly contradict their environmental advocacy.

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Forest failings: The story of the Great Koala National Park process

In recent developments, the New South Wales (NSW) Government’s Department of Planning and Environment decision not to include Forest and Wood Communities Australia (FWCA) in the Great Koala National Park has sparked controversy and raised concerns among communities that are concerned with the risk that timber communities will not be heard. The exclusion of FWCA, a representative body for forest-dependent communities, has fueled debates about the composition of the community advisory panel, particularly the presence of what some view as extremist environmental groups.

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The Unjust Plight of the Clark Family: A Tale of Forgotten Victorians

Putting aside the of the lack of any justifiable reason to close the sustainable native hardwood industry in Victoria. the government’s failure to provide a fair and compassionate response leaves families like the Clarks in a precarious position, grappling with the aftermath of circumstances beyond their control – alongside the very real possibility of having to sell the family home to pay bills that – had the transition been handled in the correct way – would never have had to happen.

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FWCA to attend PRIMEX field days

FWCA Executive Officer is all smiles at todays judgement.

Forest and Wood Communities Australia (FWCA) is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Primex Field Days, a significant event that fosters a crucial connection between timber and wood communities, forest and wood industries, and the everyday individual.

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Extremists can’t handle the Greater Glider facts

In the landscapes of NSW State Forests, a shadow looms large – extremist Ideologue groups, fervently attempting to shroud the timber industry in controversy and misinformation. The battle between unhinged and ill-informed false conservation and responsible forestry has reached a critical juncture, with recent events exposing many group’s attempts to undermine an industry that plays a vital role in the economic and ecological balance of New South Wales.

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Bluegum blunder by activists

Forest and Wood Communities Australia, unfortunately finds it necessary to address the recent, peculiar actions of environmental activists targeting Victorian plantation timber harvesting. While respecting differing opinions, it is crucial to underscore the irony and misinformed nature of these activists protesting in plantations, which were expressly established for timber utilization.

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Labor continues Lock-up and leave approach

In recent years, there has been a concerning trend observed in Labor-led state governments in Australia—the locking up of productive state forests. These forests, which could be utilized for sustainable timber harvesting – alongside healthy and productive past times such as hunting, fishing, prospecting, horse-riding etc – are increasingly being placed off-limits to everyday Australians. This policy shift raises questions about the relationships between bureaucrats, inner-city Labor MP’s and the activist class.

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