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fwca flozza log pendulmForest & Wood Communities Australia supports the call for the Bob Brown Foundation (BBF) to be stripped of its charity status after encouraging its members to engage in unlawful activism. Tasmanian forestry advocate Kelly Wilton has demanded action against the BBF after a number of trees due for harvest had metal spikes driven into them resulting in near-death incidents at two saw mills.

“The BBF Facebook page had comments which directly implicates the organisation’s members in this incident,” Ms Wilton said.

“Spike logs were detected at two mills with one destroying a saw and causing metal fragments to fly out. It was sheer luck that prevented serious injury to the mill worker. “It is time authorities took the Bob Brown Foundation to task and stripped them of their charity status.”

FWCA Managing Director Justin Law said that all activist organisations which encouraged illegal behaviour should be examined. “It’s bad enough that these activist groups dishonestly draw public donations through mistruths and exaggerations, but to actively engage in deadly behaviour such as this is outrageous,” he said.

“The timber industry does its best to adhere to the ever-tightening restrictions placed on it, but is still subject to the relentless anti-forestry campaigning.

“Forestry is a renewable and sustainable industry which provides essential, carbon-storing products used by these misguided activists. “When will there be an inquiry into damage these groups have caused to the industry, worker mental health and the communities in which they live?”

“It appears the only winners in this fight are these “charitable” organisations which profit from poisoning public opinion to attract public donations.”

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