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Federal Court Throws Out Extremist Environmentalist Case


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Forest and Wood Communities Australia welcomes the decision of the Australian Federal Court – throwing out a case brought forward by extremist “environmental” group North East Forest Alliance (NEFA), in a welcome victory for timber communities all over New South Wales.

In making the ruling, Federal Court judge in charge – Justice Perry, noted that RFAs “are an alternative mechanism to deliver the EPBC requirements through the states” and that “Whatever happens after the judgement will be a political decision, not a legal one,”.

The anti-rural and anti-forestry tendencies of groups like NEFA are now plainly in the view of everyday Australians – with the Regional Forestry Agreement, a cornerstone of Australia’s forestry management framework – recently reaffirmed as part of a sustainable sector that provides a renewable resource for all Australians to utilise – from firewood to benchtops alongside products like guitars and furniture – we can do it all with timber right here in Australia.

FWCA Executive Officer Mick Harrington emphasized “Certainty is paramount for the prosperity of our communities, families and businesses. The Federal Courts recognition of the ongoing validity of the Regional Forestry Agreement provides the stability necessary for our industry to thrive for generations to come. Hopefully this decision signals to NEFA-esque extremist anti-everything activist types that not only is community sentiment on our side – but that legally upheld RFAs are, in effect long term plans for the sustainability and conservation of Australia’s native forests – that are a part of the world-class regulatory and legislative framework that we operate within”.

The judgements significance goes beyond legal matters, it radiates through the very fibre of our communities – allowing greater confidence from our business community – which often means greater employment opportunities and increased local investment in our hard-working local timber towns.

This is not just a victory for our communities and the sustainable native timber sector but for the broader Australian society that values sustainable practices.

This is a welcome blow to extremist ideologs that seek to weaken our families, our forests and our future.


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