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$25 which could save your community

Forest & Wood Communities Australia is not a union. We do not represent industry either. We speak out on behalf of the people who live and work in our timber communities who are afraid for their future.

When an area of forest is shut down because of protest, political reasons or by the courts, it affects not just the contractor and their staff, but mill who needs the wood, and their workers, the café who serves lunch to the workers, the service station which fuels the trucks. FWCA is their voice.

There is enormous stress on a mother who must find ways to pay bills and keep her kids clothed, fed and at school. FWCA speaks up on her behalf.

Teenage kids who must suddenly leave a network of friends and community support to move interstate where there’s work for their parents. FWCA speaks up for them, too.

A retiree who has lived in a town all their life and their parents before them, but there are no medical services because the mill has closed and the town is shrinking. FWCA makes it known that this is what is happening in our timber towns.

That is why it’s not just the worker in the bush or mill who should join us. It is everyone who lives in our timber communities. The mothers, the teenagers, the grandparents.

Activism is winning. It is the loudest voice because it is extremely well funded and supported by sectors of the government, legal profession, academia and media.

The only way for us to fight for all our timber communities and the people in them is as one big, united voice. Sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it won’t work, because without numbers, our voice isn’t strong.

The more of us who join, the louder our voice becomes until it becomes impossible to ignore.

So encourage each of your family members to join – there is no age limit. Let the people you talk to in your timber community know we’re fighting for them and show them it’s easy to sign up.

It’s $25 which could save your community.


Felicia Stevenson
FWCA National Membership Manager

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