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Activists put child in extreme danger for media stunt

Forest & Wood Communities Australia has condemned the stupidity of an illegal workplace invader who put an infant’s life in danger for the sake of a media stunt.
Reports from the site said the invader leapt from bushes where she hid from forest workers, and attached herself to a machine while it was in operation with a baby clinging to her back.
“How insanely stupid can you be?” said FWCA Managing Director Justin Law.
“This is an example of what activist extremists call a peaceful protest and yet a small child could quite easily have been killed or seriously injured.
“How would you feel if you witnessed or were unwittingly made a part of such a tragedy? Yet this is what forest workers are subjected to on a weekly basis.”
Mr Law said workplace invasions had gone beyond the spirit of protest which had been twisted into a cash cow for extreme activism.
“There is no sound scientific reason for these actions,” Mr Law said.
“Effective forest management occurs in 0.04% of the Victorian forest estate and is proven to have positive environmental outcomes. One species once thought to have been driven to extinction have been discovered in abundance in recently harvested areas.
“These invasions are based deadly ideology which serves no other purpose than to raise money.
“The organisations which trade in this sort of outrage do not care that it harms forest communities, regional economies or, apparently, innocent children.”


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